Fire Accent ® Solid Gel creates an enchanting ambiance in any
outdoor setting. Watch our video to learn how to properly
use Fire Accent ® Solid Gel.
• Fire Accent ® Solid Gel creates a memorable ambiance with a single use can of fuel
• Fire Accent ® Solid Gel is designed for use with Fire Accent™ and any Gel Burner with   2.5 inch opening and metal ring
• Each retail box contains 6 cans – approximately 9 hours of beautiful flames
• Each Fire Accent ® Solid Gel box includes can removal tool to easily pull can from
  gel burner
• Clean Burning
• No Refilling
• For outdoor use only

Instructions & Warnings


  1. Set the gel burner on a steady, level and heat resistant surface ensuring nothing around it can catch fire.
  2. Place the Fire Accent Solid Gel can into the opening of the gel burner. Use ONLY with a gel burner with a 2.5 inch opening that is equipped with a metal ring that securely holds the can in place.
  3. Use the tool included in retail box to pry the lid off the can. Scrape excess gel off the lid; be careful not to get any gel on hands or other objects.
  4. Use BBQ lighter or long match to carefully light the Fire Accent Solid Gel.
  5. To extinguish the flame, use the snuffer included with your gel burner. DO NOT BLOW OUT OR USE LIQUID TO EXTINGUISH.
  6. When the can has cooled, remove it using the removal tool provided in retail box.
  7. If there is Solid Gel remaining in the can that you want to use later, wait until the can is completely cool, then remove and reseal with the lid.


  • Burn within sight – never leave a lit gel burner unattended.
  • Keep away from things that catch fire.
  • Keep lit gel burner away from children and pets.
  • Never refill or add anything to Sterno Solid Gel.
  • While the Fire Accent Solid Gel is in use, the can, metal ring, and gel burner will be hot!
  • Never attempt to move a gel burner while lit. Always snuff to extinguish the flame and allow to cool before moving.
  • After flame is extinguished, it will take time for the can, gel burner, and metal ring to cool.
  • Do not touch, remove, or replace the can before it cools.
  • Always use as directed.
  • Retain all directions and removal tool that comes with the Fire Accent Solid Gel.
  • Retain all directions and components (snuffer/lid and metal ring) that come with your gel burner.
  • May irritate eyes. If the Fire Accent Solid Gel gets in eyes rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, contact a physician.
  • May be harmful if swallowed. Do not induce vomiting. Contact a physician or poison control center for treatment advice.
  • Contains ethanol and isopropanol.

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